Film and Video (Major)

Program Overview

Here are some specifics about our program:

  • In addition to fundamental core courses focusing on the moving image, students are introduced to specific disciplines within Film and Video including: Video Art, Narrative Production, Documentary and Screenwriting.
  • All students also take Film I and Sound I. Shooting 16 mm film teaches students to see light and becomes an aesthetic choice students have for further projects. Students report that the experience is invaluable and will forever affect how they light, compose, and capture both digital and HD footage.
  • All Film and Video majors are required to take an internship. This provides students with opportunities and expanded experience outside of the College. 
  • Throughout the senior year, students work on professional development and defining their artistic voice. As part of their senior thesis, students create a professional resume, develop a website, create their thesis film posters, and assemble a sample reel. Students also apply for grants, exhibitions, film festivals, scholarships, residencies and summer internships.
  • The Film and Video Department has run a number of off-campus, project-oriented courses, many taught by renowned cinematographer Allen Moore. Working on a professional project raises expectations for the students and gives them access to a professional mentor. Students have the opportunity every semester to interact with working artists.