MICA’s AD department offers a unique curriculum within which you can integrate your artistic sensibility and imagination with a constructive design process. As one of the few architectural design programs in the country that is set in a college of Art and Design, here you are able to draw other creative disciplines of your choice into your practice.

Trevor Carr explains his project to visiting critic Architect Yutaka TakiuraStudent Trevor Carr explains his project to visiting critic Architect Yutaka Takiura

Architecture is the ultimate multidisciplinary practice and MICA is the place for cross disciplinary learning. The MICA AD program leverages these facts to give you a unique learning opportunity, a lifetime’s foundation, with which to solve the serious problems of tomorrow’s environment and its society with unparalleled creativity and imagination. The AD program will prepare you to:

  • To enter a Master of Architecture (M.Arch.) first professional degree program
  • To continue graduate study to pursue your own interest in a field such as interior design, industrial design, landscape architecture, urban design, or more.
  • To  go directly to work for an architecture firm or in a related field.

The rich and varied experiences offered through the Architectural Design program at MICA will prepare you as a creative designer with the skills and  expertise to  develop innovative  solutions for 21st century problems. Our students are engaged in a socially- conscious, project-based  architectural  design  curriculum that includes the kind of productive interaction with other disciplines that few programs in the field can match. As an Architectural Design major, you will learn the technical, creative, and critical thinking skills that will prepare you to find solutions to pressing human needs that are  fresh, imaginative, and  inventive.

The Professional Development class of 2016 visit the Parkway Theater construction site