Graduate Competitive Awards and Fellowships 2022

Baltimore Spirits Company (LAB) Award 2022

The Maryland Institute College of Art is pleased to open a call for applications for the inaugural Baltimore Spirits Company (LAB) Award. With a cash award of $10,000, awarded to a graduating MA or MFA student, LAB recipients will show exceptional promise in painting, sculpture, film, video, mixed media or performing art and is engaging in studio practice, projects and initiatives that LAUNCH ARTISTS in BALTIMORE.

The aim of this award is to provide a launching platform for graduating students to enter and meaningfully contribute to the cultural life of Baltimore. 

Without a shadow of doubt, Baltimore Spirits Company was born from the vibrant creative community of Baltimore. We consider ourselves artists as much as anything else, and we've been lucky to find some success in following our creative passions. It's always been apparent to us that Baltimore's soul and spirit is inextricable from its artistic youth; so what better way to invest in our city's future than to empower young artists within our community? MICA is, of course, a central beacon that draws in burgeoning artists from all over the world in to our creative fold, and we're excited to support a special artist that's invested in the local community.

MICA has been especially fortunate that many of its graduate alums have committed to living in Baltimore well beyond graduation. Both in acknowledgement of the continuing relevance of these immense contributions and as a means to engender many more of our graduate alumni to remain in and continue their practice in the city, MICA has received funding from local community partner, Baltimore Spirits Company, to support this award.


  • Emerging visual artist / designer from MICA's graduate programs (Class of 2022) 
  • In addition to the cash award, the recipient of the Baltimore Spirits Company Award will also have the opportunity to exhibit work or documentation of work in the Baltimore Spirit Company Cocktail Gallery in Baltimore, Maryland during the 2022 - 2023 year. Exhibition details and on view dates to be mutually determined by the recipient and donor after June 1, 2022. An exhibition of work, though encouraged, is not a condition of funding.
  • Documentation of the recipients work and post-graduation award collaborations and/or exhibition at the Cocktail Gallery during 2022 - 2023 year will be promoted on MICA’s social media and alumni channels.
  • As the recipient of this award will be joining a distinguished community of graduate competitive fellows, the awardee will also be asked to complete a final summary report for MICA’s Office of Advancement and invited on occasion to share their story through alumni communications.
  • MICA will select the inaugural artist through an online application and jury process to be completed by April 2022. 


Open to MICA graduate MFA and MA students from all disciplines. 

Deadlines/ Review Process

Online Application through Slideroom due April 18th, 2022 

Documentation of work (5-10 examples of work)

Statement / CV + Guiding Questions

  • What personal and/or creative projects are you considering pursuing in Baltimore after graduation?
  • How will this project advance your creative or studio practice?
  • Describe any personal or community assets needed to realize your goals for your project(s).