Student Organizations


Chinese Bible Study Fellowship

MICA Chinese Bible Stud Fellowship's mission is to invite all students to study Bible and experience spiritual growth in God's family together. 

Koinonia Christian Fellowship

Koinonia Christian Fellowship is a student-led group that exists to follow Jesus together at MICA. We are a chapter that belongs to the larger ministry of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Koinonia is committed to being an open and welcoming environment for those who are curious about a relationship with Christ. We meet once a week for spiritual conversations, lectures, bible studies, worship, and fellowship. Basically, it's a great way to be challenged, connect with different people, and share your faith with others. Other events include potlucks, movie screenings, public-service, and outreach programs.

Mission in Christian Artists

Mission in Christian Artists is committed to creating an environment for artists to learn about the Christian faith and share fellowship through a weekly worship service, collaborating with Korean Christian clubs at other campuses - Peabody and JHU, and other various events.

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