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Performing Arts

MICA Burlesque Club

The MICA Burlesque Club is an organization dedicated to celebrating diversity, body positivity, and freedom of expression through the historic practice of burlesque. The club hosts multiple performances, activities, photoshoots, and sales throughout the year to spread the knowledge that every person, no matter their race, size, looks, gender, or otherwise, is able to be sexy, be beautiful, and have fun while performing.

TBD Theater Company

The TBD Theater Company is an inclusive organization that seeks to offer a means for MICA students, regardless of experience, to engage in the art of Theater and Theatrical Production. Members of our group are given the chance to step into numerous roles from direction and performance to technical production. We encourage everyone to explore new practices and exercise existing skills, through the staging and performance of theatrical work, on a multitude of platforms, which we share with the greater community.

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