Flow Arts Club 

The Flow Arts Club is a space for the MICA and Baltimore community to express themselves through object manipulation and dance. We use props like hoop, poi, staff, silk fans, and juggling clubs. All skill levels are welcome!

League Of Legends Club

Join us in Summoner's Rift or the Howling Abyss as we hope to build a friendly community for all students to have fun and play League of Legends together. We maintain a relaxed, yet exciting environment during our weekly meetings and tournaments with prizes! Everybody is welcome to join, whether you're a new player, Plastic 5 or Challenger. Drop by our Discord server: discord.gg/5SUKMR6

Quilt Group

Quilt Group is a place to foster community, learn new skills and share them with others, and participate in the creation of beautiful quilts. We work with members of the African American Quilters of Baltimore (AAQB), and the quilts we make are raffled off at Art Market, with proceeds going towards scholarships for African American students. Anyone is welcome to come in and sew with us!

Radio WICV 

WICV is a college, student-run, internet-only radio station. We are based out of Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore!

[REDACTED] Poetry Society

The [REDACTED] Poetry Society is a place to open up a space for members to express themselves through different types of poetry and performance. We will talk about poetry through the lenses of current issues and topics members find important to themselves or the world, while writing in different types of poetry and sharing engaging poems.

Sequential Art Club

Sequential Arts is a club is all about sequential art, which includes comics! In this club we’ll cover topics ranging from making merch to tabling tips to comic basics. Our members also get to go to and participate in a variety of events like zinefest over the course of the school year.

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