Asian Student Alliance

The purpose of this club is to share the diversity of Asian culture within the MICA community through social events and community support. The Asian Student Alliance provides information about Asian culture, emphasizing its richness, vastness, and the multitude of experience, and offers a mentoring network. The club is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about Asian culture and its role in America more broadly. Asian Student Alliance is open to all, no matter their sexuality, race, creed, class, ability, etc.


Association of Singaporean Students

The Association of Singaporean Students (ASS) attempts to foster a familiar environment for the growing presence of Singaporeans at MICA. In addition to creating a meeting place for Singaporeans, the ASS will also act as a hub of knowledge, information and current events within Singapore. Be it through social events, cultural activities or the frequent meetups, ASS will provide an opportunity for Singaporeans to truly feel at home.

Black Student Union (BSU)

The Mission of the Black Student Union is to provide the MICA Community with an awareness of black, African, and Caribbean Identity and culture. We seek to improve the quality of campus life for students and to provide the best environment to foster the creation of artwork. We organize trips to culturally unique places and plan a variety of interesting activities. We work in tandem with the Center of Identity and Inclusion.

Brown Asian Student Union (BASU)

The Mission of the Brown Asian Student Union (BASU) is to share the diversity of cultures across South Asia, Southeast Asia, West Asia (Middle East), and other Asian minorities within the MICA Community. Working in tandem with the Center of Identity and Inclusion, we want to provide spaces for discussions on the intersection of these rich cultural histories and traditions. The organization is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about and analyzing these cultures and their role in America more broadly.

Chinese Student Association

The Chinese Student Association aims to enrich the diversity of MICA by introducing the value of Chinese culture outward and bringing the awareness of American cultures inward. The organization hosts experiential and informative events every year. Our mission is to conduct meaningful connections with other cultures via on campus and other social settings. With an extensive network, we hope to provide opportunities for the MICA community including both international and domestic populations. The Chinese Student Association opens to all individuals regardless of one's race or cultural background.  

Hispanic-Latino Student Union (HLSU)

The Hispanic-Latino Student Union (HLSU) is a student-run organization focused on inspiring and strengthening the Hispanic-Latino community, within MICA, to encourage equality and inclusion through communication, programming, and social & political events.


K/SA is a club for all Korean students at MICA, both international and local. Our goal is to provide connections within the school and share information and ideas to help each other in gaining a broader perspective of the world. We also serve our mission as a platform that spreads Korean culture to the wider world.

Maryland Institute Queer Alliance (MIQA)

To provide a dedicated organization and safe space for LGBTQ+ students at MICA


MICA's Jewish Heritage Organization is an inclusive community space aimed at religiously and/or culturally identifying Jewish MICA students, and all who are interested in learning about Jewish culture. We seek to provide educational resources, volunteer opportunities, activities, and connections to the wider student body within the Baltimore area.

Taiwanese Student Association

MICA Taiwan Student Association aims to share and celebrate our culture with MICA community. We want to support international students’ MICA experiences and relationships with Baltimore. Furthermore, to build a safe and welcoming space for students talking about their own culture and identity, and make connections to facilitate potential collaborations. 

Transfer Student Union

Our group provides a supportive network of peers for students who are either transferring or non-traditional as they transition to mica. We provide them with a safe space and information of resources that mica provides and assist them in their integration to the campus.

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