iLead Positions

France-Merrick Fellow (FMF)

General Purpose

France-Merrick Fellows are expected to be leaders in connecting MICA students to communities both through the work that they do and dialogues they lead. France-Merrick Fellows act as mentors to Community Site Leaders (CSLs), and provide recommendations to MICA’s Center for Student Engagement on the ways to best support socially engaged art and artists in the Baltimore community. FMF's leverage the resources available to them as MICA students to empower those elsewhere in the community.

Summary of Essential Functions

  • Create a project in conjunction with a site partner.  FMFs are responsible for forging a partnership, but site matches must be approved by MICA staff.

  • Assist with general office representation at open houses and information sessions.

  • Communicate difficulties at their site to their supervisor in a timely basis, within one business day for critical issues or one week for more routine matters.

  • Mentor and guide assigned CSLs through both in-person and electronic methods.
  • Assist in implementing the end of the year exhibition & festival featuring their projects.

  • Give a presentation on their project to date, accomplishments, and plan moving forward at the end of the academic year.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Participate in the monthly France-Merrick Fellow cohort meetings.

  • Attend bi-weekly meetings with supervisor, Assistant Director of Community Art & Service.

  • Serve 3 office hours per week, in the Center for Student Engagement.

Conditions of Employment

  • Commit to a two-semester experience, one academic year.

  • Make a commitment of 120 hours of work per semester.

  • Attend France-Merrick Fellow training in full, held in August and January.



Hiring Timeline

Applications are accepted in the spring, and interviews will happen in April. Check back in the spring semester for more information!