Need extra motivation to step away from your studio for a quick break? Love attending campus events?!

Introducing the MICA Event Hopper Program!

Enjoy yourself at events and be entered to win prizes. Just be on the lookout for posters/flyers with the MICA Event Hopper logo on it. See you at campus events!

Upcoming MICA Event Hopper Programs

  • 10/25:  Horror Film Screening, 8pm, Lazarus Auditorium
  • 11/1: CSE Café Friyay, 8:15-9am, Center for Student Engagement (Meyerhoff House)
  • 11/3: Coffeehouse, 8pm, ABOX

Terms & Conditions

  1. Only campus events with the Event Hopper logo are eligible.
  2. We are not responsible for lost or stolen cards.
  3. After attending 4 Event Hopper events, students can present their card to CSE or the Fitness Center to redeem for a prize. 
  4. After attending 8 Event Hopper events, students can submit their card to CSE to be entered into a grand prize raffle. There will be 2-3 winners per semester. Winners will select their prize from the following options:
    • Nintendo Switch, Apple TV, Air pods, Beats by Dre, $100 MICA Store Gift Card, Housing Lottery Spot #2, 2 Benefit Fashion Show Tickets (Reserved Seating), 2 National Aquarium Tickets
  5. Students can get a second Event Hopper card once their first one is full. 
  6. Cards that have been tampered with are not eligible for prizes. 
  7. Questions? Email

Past MICA Event Hopper Events

  • 8/30: SVA Ice Cream Social, 4-5pm, Cohen Plaza (green outside Brown/Fox)
  • 8/30: Global Connections, 6:30pm, Glace Hall Grill
  • 8/31: Six Flags Trip, 10am-6:30pm [SOLD OUT]
  • 8/31: Adulting 101, 6pm, ABOX
  • 9/1: Programming Board Social, 6:30pm, Founders Green
  • 9/1: Coffeehouse, 8pm, Founders Green Courtyard
  • 9/4: Graduate Student Resource Fair, 2:30-3:30pm, Lazarus Lobby
  • 9/6: CSE Coffee Friday, 8:30-9:30am, Center for Student Engagement (Meyerhoff House)
  • 9/6: TGIF (The Get Involved Fair), 3-5pm, Cohen Plaza (outside Brown)
  • 9/7: Movie Night: The Parent Trap, 7pm, Leake Lecture
  • 9/11: CSE Conversations, 2:30pm, Center for Student Engagement (Meyerhoff House)
  • 9/13: Wellness Fair, 2-5pm, Cohen Plaza (outside Brown)
  • 9/18: Transfer Student Social, 2:30pm, Center for Student Engagement (Meyerhoff House)
  • 9/20: iLEAD Pizza Panel, 4:30-6:30pm, Main 110
  • 9/27: Global Connections, 6:30-7:30pm, Glace Grill
  • 9/28: Go with the Flow: Period, 2-4pm, Founders Green
  • 9/28: Tie-Dye In The Green, 6-8pm, Founders Green
  • 10/4: CSE Café Friyay, 8:15-9am, Center for Student Engagement (Meyerhoff House)
  • 10/6: Coffeehouse, 8pm, ABOX
  • 10/11: National Coming Out Day Celebration, 3-4:30pm, Cohen Plaza
  • 10/11: Legally Queer: Know Your Rights in the Workplace, 4:30-6:30pm, Main 160
  • 10/11: Global Connections-Baltimore to Hong Kong, Art and Justice, 6:30-7:30pm, Glace Grill
  • 10/11: Glow n the Dark Capture the Flag, 8-9:30pm, Founders Green
  • 10/12: #IWillListen Open Forum, 2-4pm, Decker Library Classroom
  • 10/13: Zombie 5K, 8:30-10:30am, Bus will take students to Leakin Park
  • 10/15: CSE Conversations: Costumes & Culture, 5-6:30pm, Center for Student Engagement (Meyerhoff House)