Each year, MICA's Center for Identity and Inclusion hosts two events that celebrate authenticity and encompass MICA's commitment to inclusivity.

Annual Benefit Fashion Show

MICA's annual tradition features practical and outrageous fashion creations by students in a wide array of disciplines. Fashion has a way of being in a constant cycle of rebirth, emulating the past while innovating the looks of present society. It shows you what has already been seen and then imitates it in a new and innovative way. It is a physical manifestation of current thoughts and societal issues, cycling back to the theme of fashion as a reflection.

My First Time Monologues

In the past, the office has organized a performance of the feminist classic, the Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler, but has decided to showcase a fresh approach to the topics of gender, sexuality, and healing.

Open to participation from the MICA community of all genders, sexualities, experiences, and positions on campus, the My First Time Monologues invites the community to share in a reflection of their own "first times" through the power of storytelling. Whether it is a story of the first time you were intimate, the first time you came out, or the first time you came into your own body, this collection will aim to recognize the power of shared experience and dialogue as a healing process for participants and for the community as a whole.

25 Years of Authenticity

MICA's Annual Benefit Fashion Show marked its 25th year by celebrating and contemplating the show’s authentic roots. The theme of the 2018 show was "Authenticity," and explored what it meant to be genuine to oneself.

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