Enter Costume Contest

Show off your costume for a chance to win MICA's annual Costume Contest! The deadline for submissions is 9:30 PM (ET) on Saturday, October 31. 


  • Participants must be current MICA students.
  • Group costume submissions are allowed, though prizes cannot be split among group members (i.e. one person must claim the prize).
  • All submission photos must be in PNG or JPEG format and received by 9:30 PM (ET) on October 31.
  • Creative expression is encouraged! However, note that submissions will be publicly viewable. Please make sure your costume is appropriate for all audiences. All submissions will be reviewed and approved before they appear on the Submission Gallery
  • Judges will evaluate ALL costumes based on detail, creativity, and originality. Additionally, judges will look for contestants that best exemplify the categories below.


  • Overall Best Costume: $50
  • Most Creative: $25
  • Scariest: $25
  • Audience Choice*: $25

*Audience Choice will be voted upon by the MICA community! Click here for more info.