MICA’s plan to reopen the campus this fall focuses on safety, high flexibility, and quality of education.

MICA’s reopening is guided by three primary goals: 1) Safely bring our community back on campus for those who favor or need to have in-person presence on campus and who are able to return to campus; 2) Provide flexibility in teaching and learning modes so that our community members can have more options to meet their circumstances and needs; 3) And continue to deliver a high quality MICA education.  

To achieve these goals, our reopening plan follows an H+L approach, defined as follows:

H = High flexibility in providing options for students, faculty, and staff, as well as being ready to adapt to public health scenarios as the pandemic develops in either positive or negative directions.

L = Low density to maximize health and safety in physical interactions among campus members and in access to campus facilities.

The plan in its entirety has been organized into nine categories and is presented below. 


Returning to Campus & Academic Year Start

Phase 1:
Initial Reopening – July 20, 2020

Phase 2:
Intermediate Reopening – August 3, 2020

Phase 3:
Studio Access – August 24