MICA Residence Life will offer limited options for housing this Summer 2021. All residents approved for summer housing will move to the Gateway in June. Be advised, spaces are limited. More information will be sent to students approved to stay as details of your new assignment become available along with move in dates and times. Strict adherence to move in and move out times is necessary to ensure community safety. In addition, students will be assigned their own apartment unless specifically requested to live with another student also approved for summer housing. Students are approved to have up to 2 move in helpers for 1 hour to assist with your move. Please review the Summer Covid Housing Policies and review the Social Agreement before applying. 

Housing charges will be rated on a weekly basis. Each applicant who is assigned will be charged a non-refundable summer housing deposit of $100. The housing charge is $200 per week or any part thereof. The week begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday. Summer housing is only available from May 19 until July 30th at 12pm unless living on campus for the fall 2021 semester. If you are assigned summer housing and do not show up for your assigned space you will be charged the $100 non-refundable summer housing deposit.

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact MICA Residence Life by emailing residencelife@mica.edu