Residence Life and Off-Campus Housing

Spring 2021 Residence Life Guide

On behalf of the office of Residence Life and Off-Campus Housing, welcome to MICA!

We know coming to campus can be an exciting time for you, but during these challenging times, we also know you may have a lot of questions and concerns. During this opening week, please take advantage of the following:

Your Residential Advisor (RA)

  1. RAs are hired by our office to lead communities within our halls and act as a resource to you! Feel free to ask them anything! Whether you want to know where to find the best food in town, or you’re struggling to navigate campus, RAs are here to support you and help you adjust to life at MICA.
  2. RAs will be creating a Google Hangouts group chat to help connect you to your hall community, so make sure you are added to that chat so you don’t miss any important information.

Your Residential Coordinator (RC)

The RC is the full-time staff member responsible for the direct supervision of the RAs and the residence halls. If you have move-in feedback, or any other questions or concerns that you feel would be best heard by a full-time staff member, feel free to email our RC, Sam, at! 

Welcome Week Events

Between January 17 and January 23, we will be having a virtual program every day! Keep an eye on your email and Google Hangout chat to learn more about these programs. Whether you are here on campus or not, feel free to stop by for these events to get a head start on connecting with other MICA students.

The Zoom Helpdesk

Last but not least, while we would absolutely love to meet you and support you in person, your health and safety is our top priority. While our office won’t be available for an in-person chat, please feel free to use the link or QR code in this welcome packet to connect to our 9am-5pm virtual Zoom Helpdesk. This service will be available Tuesday, January 19 through Friday, January 22. Ask us anything about Baltimore or MICA!

We’re so happy you’re here!

The Office of Residence Life and Off-Campus Housing at MICA