Housing Policies

Housing Policies for Spring 2021

All regular Housing Policies are in effect for the spring 2021 semester. Changes to policies for Spring 2021 are outlined below. Policies and practices can shift at any time. Students should check their MICA email regularly for updates and valuable information.


Social Agreement

All residential students must adhere to the Social Agreement at all times. Students will not be permitted to live on campus/move in unless they have signed the social contract. To review a copy of the social agreement please contact studentaffairs@mica.edu.



All residential students are required to participate in weekly testing. Please review the Testing Information page for more details and scheduling. 


Quarantine and Isolation

Students may be asked to move to Quarantine or Isolation housing at any time throughout the semester. All moves must take place within 4 hours of notification unless otherwise instructed. Students who are instructed to move will be provided with explicit instructions via email to ensure a safe transition. Please review the Quarantine Information page for more details on how to prepare and valuable resources available. 


Residential Guests

Non MICA community members are prohibited from entering any residential building unless approved in advance by Campus Safety. General exceptions will be explicitly communicated to students when guest policies have changed (i.e. move in and move out). 

Residents are only permitted in the residential areas of the building in which they live.


Students are permitted to host other MICA students in their apartment that reside in their same building. An apartment can accommodate a total of 3 people in the common area of an apartment (living room and kitchen combined) at a time.


Residents can accommodate a total of 2 people in an individual's bedroom.


All guests must be approved by apartment-mates in advance. Masks should be worn at all times and social distancing should be practiced when visitors are present in an apartment. 


Students are permitted to gather in groups larger than 3 in various spaces in the residence halls and on campus. Please refer to the Residential Common Areas Policy outlined below. 


Residential Common Areas

Students are permitted to gather in residence hall lounges and common areas within a residential community. Students are required to practice social distancing, wear masks and abide by all signage and capacity instructions for a given space. In most cases, the amount of seating in a common area represents the maximum number of people allowed within an enclosed space. The location of furniture within a space is purposefully arranged to maximize safety and should not be moved. Generally speaking, outdoor areas can accommodate more socially distanced people than indoor spaces.  



Signs are posted throughout campus with clear instructions for safely navigating campus. Signs must be obeyed at all times. 


Entry Into a Residential Building

All students must swipe their MICA ID at the front desk and scan their temperature to enter. Once scanned and approved, you will receive a wristband indicating you are clear to proceed. The wristband indicates that you have been scanned for the day and must be worn at all times while on campus in public areas. 


Follow all traffic signs and directional arrows when entering and exiting the residential buildings. Students who reside in Leake Hall will enter through Latrobe House and immediately exit into the Founders Green Parking Lot via the second stairwell on the right through Carter Hall. Students will follow the same path through the Founders Green Parking Lot when exiting Founders Green. 


Off Limit Areas

There are areas around campus in the residence halls that have been closed for your safety. Signs will be posted indicating areas that are closed (lounges, studios, etc.). It is important to note that the green space in Founders Green between Carter and Spear Halls is closed unless special permission has been granted. Please follow directional signs and avoid this area at all times. 


Room Changes

For safety reasons, room changes will be reserved for emergency situations. Please talk with your RA about your living situation to help evaluate your issue and identify resources.