Office of Culture and Identity

Identity Based Student Organizations

The student organizations listed are the current active identity based student organizations. Students are encouraged to re-activate orgs or establish new ones.


Asian Student Alliance(ASA) 

The Asian Student Alliance (ASA) shares the diversity of Asian culture within the MICA community through social events and community support. It provides information about Asian culture by emphasizing its multitude of experiences, richness, and vastness along with offering its members a mentoring network. The club is open to anyone interested in learning more about Asian culture and its role in American. The ASA is open to all—no matter race, sexuality, creed, class, ability, etc.


Instagram: @micaasiansa



The Association of Singaporean Students

The Association of Singaporean Students (ASS) fosters a familiar, safe, and inclusive environment for the growing presence of Singaporeans at MICA. In addition to creating a meeting place, ASS also acts as a hub for knowledge about and current events within Singapore. Be it through social events, cultural activities, or frequent meetups, ASS provides Singaporeans students the opportunity to feel at home.



The Black Student Union(BSU) 

The Black Student Union provides the MICA Community awareness of Black, African, and Caribbean identity and culture through organizing unique trips and activities. We partner with the Office of Culture & Identity to improve the quality of campus life and provide the best environment for fostering the creation of artwork.


Instagram: @mica.bsu



The Brown Asian Student Union(BASU)

The Brown Asian Student Union (BASU) shares the diversity of cultures across South Asia, Southeast Asia, West Asia (Middle East), the West Indies, and other such Asian minorities within the MICA Community. Working in tandem with the Office of Culture & Identity, we provide space for discussions on the intersection of these rich cultural histories and traditions. This organization is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about cultures and their role in America.


Anyone is free to join - our meetings will be focused on good art, good music, good food, and great discussions about what being a Brown Asian artist means today!


Instagram: @basu.mica



The Chinese Student Scholar Association(CSSA)

The Chinese Student Scholar Association enriches the diversity of MICA by introducing the value of Chinese culture and raising awareness within American culture. Our mission is to create meaningful connections with other cultures through hosting experiential and informative events every year. With an extensive network, we hope to provide opportunities for MICA's international and domestic populations. The Chinese Student Association is open to all individuals regardless of race or cultural background.


Instagram: @micacssa




M|I|C/A’s D.R.E.A.M. chapter serves, involves, educates, and advocates for and with people with disabilities. We strive to create change at MICA for a brighter, more accessible future through being a resource for and connecting point of the community of people with disabilities at MICA. 



Graduate Black Student Union

The Grad Black Student Union creates a space for Black graduate students at MICA to feel seen, heard, held, and connected. This space particularly addresses the challenges of being Black at MICA while celebrating the joys of that experience, as well.


Instagram: @micagradbsu



Korean International Student Association (KISA)

K/SA is a club for all Korean students at MICA, both international and domestic, to share our Korean culture with the wider world. Our goal is to provide connections within the school as well as share information and ideas to help each other gain a broader perspective of the world. 


Instagram: @mica_ksa



Kehilat MICA

Named for the Hebrew word for 'community,' Kehilat MICA is an inclusive space for Jewish MICA students from all backgrounds to create and nourish the Jewish community on MICA’s campus.  We focus on not only Jewish celebrations, but also the diverse communal and cultural elements that are rooted in our personal and communal relationships with Judaism and each other.  We offer a wide range of programming from events surrounding Jewish identities and values to Shabbat dinner parties and holiday gatherings. Kehilat MICA serves as a space to enrich the lives of MICA’s Jewish and even non-Jewish students through inclusive Jewish programming and engagement.


Instagram: @kehilatmica



MICA Koinonia Christian Fellowship

Koinonia is a multiethnic, interdenominational group of students learning what it means to follow Jesus at MICA. Our goal is to bring artists together in the common pursuit of spiritual growth and artistic development. And drink tea. Lots of tea. Glory to God, Hallelujah!


Instagram: @micakoinonia



Mission in Christian Artists

Mission in Christian Artists creates an environment for artists to learn about the Christian faith. We glorify God through art with the talents given by the Lord and share fellowship through a weekly worship service and collaborating with Campus Disciples clubs at UMBC, UMD, and HCC. 



Anthro Club

Anthro Club is a space for anthropomorphic animal fans (furries) to partake in the furry subculture within the MICA community - through visual and sound arts, local furmeets, fursuit making workshops and more. Anthro Club aims to provide a fun and judgement-free environment that will encourage MICA furs to meet like-minded people and pursue their hobbies, as well as explore opportunities to generate income as artists in the fandom. The club will help connect the sparse network of anthro fans on campus and foster a sense of pride in our shared furry interests.



MICA Occult Club

The MICA Occult club is here as a space for people who have an interest in the occult, whether they actively follow occult related practices or just have a general interest in the spooky, strange, and esoteric within in an open minded and transparent learning environment. Everyone is welcome!



MICA Latinx Student Union

Establishing a community space for Latinx students at MICA, allowing them to feel comfortable and welcomed and celebrated, educating others on Latinx culture. Exploring our own Latinx identities. Connecting with other Latinx students/ artists, or those willing to learn more about our community. Connecting to the Latinx community outside of MICA. Orienting professional interests within a Latinx scope


Instagram: @lsu.mica