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Peer Tutoring/Coaching

LRC Peer Tutors/Coaches provide creative-, technical-, academic- and organizational-skills support to all MICA students and assist students adjusting to new academic and creative challenges at MICA. Tutors are available to meet in-person or virtually. View availability and schedule a meeting here! Get support with

  • your creative process, from brainstorming to narrowing your project scope and refining your work
  • preparing for presenting your work and participating in critiques
  • course-specific tips and strategies
  • other living and learning challenges where you need a peer perspective

Peer Tutor Bios

Thea Ferdinand is a senior Painting and Humanistic Studies major. Her creative strengths/skills include painting with water-based mediums (watercolor and gouache), zine and sketchbook making, and hand lettering. Thea's approach to tutoring/coaching encourages collaborative brainstorming and forming positive habits in both classes and personal life. She enjoys drawing, hiking, and spending time with friends and family.

Linah Sedeek is a senior Architectural Design major. Her creative skills include hand modeling, digital 3D modeling with Rhino and Grasshopper, and using digital fabrication tools. In her free time, Linah enjoys sewing, beading, and listening to music.

Lily Xiao is a junior Painting major with a concentration in Interdisciplinary Sculpture. Lily is experienced in both acrylic and oil painting, as well as welding, soft sculpture, installations, and mold making. Their approach to tutoring encourages peers to have faith in their ideas and skills while learning to become a self-sufficient artist. They enjoy community-led activism, reading, and thrifting.

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Resources from past and present LRC workshops are available on the LRC Student Resources page.