Fabrication Studios

Spring 2021 in the Shops!

What you need to know about Fabrication Studios for the Spring 21 semester.

Some of the Fabrication Studios will be open by appointment with limited access for undergraduate seniors and graduate students. To schedule an appointment, visit the individual fabrication shops whose websites are linked from this page.

Other Fabrication Studios resources will be available to MICA students remotely, via Remote Production Services (RPS). Click Here to learn more about RPS. 

COVID-19 Protocols in the Shops

We strive to maintain the highest level of safety in the shops and will continue to do so with COVID-19 protocols. Before working in any shop this spring, please watch this video to learn about what to expect and how to prepare.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE): Anyone entering a shop space is required to wear a mask the entire time. Some fabrication processes require specific respirator use and your regular mask may not be acceptable. In this instance, we will provide students with the proper mask or respirator needed to do their work safely. Other regular shop PPE such as safety glasses will be provided to each student and should not be shared. 

Cleaning:  Every shop that is open will be cleaned and disinfected regularly by both MICA's Operations and Fabrication Staff. Students will be provided with disinfectant wipes for use on tools or equipment before and after their use.  Hand sanitizer will be provided in all shops and all users are required to use it as they enter the shop and before using equipment. 

Distancing: To ensure that everyone maintains at least six feet of distance, we must reduce the capacity of every shop. This means that there will be far less students in one shop at any given time.  

Awareness and Pace: Students should expect a slower but more focused pace for their work sessions in the shops. Fabrication is difficult and even more so with new COVID restrictions. We encourage students to take frequent breaks for eating, drinking, and removing their mask in the proper designated spaces. 

Questions! As usual, we encourage students to always ask questions when working in the shops. This is how we learn and stay safe. This will be even more important as we all adapt to COVID-19 protocols.