Fabrication Studios

Remote Production Services

Send your files for Laser Cutting, 3D Printing, and RISOgraph Printing.

To support remote and online modes of instruction, Fabrication Studios is offering Remote Production Services (RPS) for certain mode of output. Student projects are submitted, produced, and available for contactless pick-up on campus or to be shipped to their address. Specific questions about this service can be found in our FAQ.

It is strongly advised that students work ahead and plan to use these services early in the semester, as we can not guarantee a precise turnaround time.

WHO can use this service?

  • Any current MICA student with the relevant prerequisites can use this service. 

HOW does it work?

1. The student creates a file. 

If you are Laser cutting, be sure to use the correct file template:

2. The student then reviews the file with their instructor.

3. The student then submits the file via the appropriate submission form

Dolphin Design Center Fabrication Laser Cutting and 3D Printing Dolphin Submission LINK

4. A short video consultation with the Studio Manager who will be processing the job may be requested through the form to discuss material specific questions, or concerns specific to the submitted file.

5. The file is printed by the Fabrication Studio

6. Students will pick up their project using curbside pickup or fill out the appropriate information in the submission form to have it shipped to themselves or their faculty. (Shipping charges are the responsibility of the student or the respective academic department with prior arrangement)

WHAT does it COST?

Students are responsible for the following costs unless the material they use is provided by the class or academic department.

RISOgrah Printing Cost of Printing materials (ink, masters, and paper)
3D Printing


Laser Cutting

Cost of materials, unless the student uses the limited supply of FREE prototyping materials (cardboard, 3mm birch plywood or chipboard) 

Shipping Costs - Please note that students are responsible for shipping costs or can pick up their prints via curb-side pick up on campus.

RPS Frequently Asked Questions

Our turnaround time will vary depending on the volume of requests. Everything will be printed and shipped as soon as possible. A reasonable estimate is 3-5 business days from the date we receive a viable file, this does not include shipping time. This may vary depending on size and complexity of the project.

We can not guarantee shipping times. We ship via United States Postal Service, please be advised that USPS has been experiencing some delays.

Unfortunately, the Fabrication Studios Team will be busy printing student files and will not have capacity for instructing students on software or file creation. You should work closely with your faculty to support your learning of the software, output functionality, and file preparation.

Shipping costs will vary depending on the weight and size of the item and the distance of shipment.

You will be asked on the file submission form for your preference of delivery (ship to you or pick-up). We will contact your via email to let you know that your print has been completed and either shipped or is ready for pick-up depending.

Yes, you can use your own materials. If you have the materials, you can ship them to the appropriate MICA shop using the addresses below. You can also order materials online and have them shipped directly to MICA by using the address below as your shipping address.>