If you have any questions, concerns, or access issues related to the forms, please reach out to the office at ADS@mica.edu

Register with ADS

Disability Accommodation Request Form

  • Complete this form to begin the registration process with ADS. 

Notice and Release Forms for Registered Students

Request Faculty Notice Letters

  • Students are asked to input their class information and agree to release the letter. 
  • This lets ADS know which professors need to receive the letter and ensures that ADS has the student’s consent to send the accommodation letter. 
    • Registered students must complete this form each semester in order to receive their accommodations. 

ADS Permission to Discuss Accommodations with Select Parties

  • Note that ADS will not be able to discuss a student’s accommodations with any parent, guardian, or caretaker unless the student has completed the form and authorized the interested party. 
    • Students may complete this form if they wish to grant ADS permission to discuss their accommodations with family members, guardians, or caretakers. 
    • Students must list out each individual they wish to authorize. 

Accommodation Requests for Registered Students

The following forms allow registered students to make requests related to their pre-approved ADS accommodations. If you are not sure if these forms apply to you, please reach out to the office at ADS@mica.edu.

Request to Schedule ADS Proctored Accommodated Testing 

  • The form asks students to input information related to the exam so that ADS can ensure an appropriate testing environment to facilitate accommodations. 
  • Students with testing accommodations who wish to take their exams through ADS, either in the ADS office or with ADS staff virtually proctoring, must complete this form. 

Request Notetaking Accommodations 

    • This form asks students to input information related to their class schedule and note preferences. It also asks students to agree to communicate with ADS staff about notetaking issues. 
      • This allows ADS staff to efficiently coordinate notetaking support and ideally ensures students understand their role in the process. 
      • Eligible students who do not need notetaking accommodations for any of their courses do not need to complete a form.
      • Students who wish to receive notetaking support, including the use of ADS technology and supplemental peer notes, must complete this form for each course in which they are requesting notetaking aids. 

Request Alternate Format Materials/Document Conversion 

  • Examples of alternate formats may include a readable PDF or EPUB version of a print text, an enlarged print version of a text, or an audio file. 
  • While qualified students can make requests at any point during the semester, ADS recommends students make their alternate format requests as soon as possible so ADS staff can coordinate with publishers as needed. 
    • Alternate Formats: Qualified students who wish to receive an alternate format for a text they have purchased, rented, or acquired through Decker Library (including texts acquired through any Baltimore Academic Library Consortium Library or Interlibrary Loan), must complete this form for each text they are requesting. 
      • Document Conversion: Qualified students may submit inaccessible documents, for example, unreadable/untagged PDFs and image scans of readings, to request alternate accessible versions of the documents.