Reopen: MICA's Fall 2020 All-Online Opening

Residence Life and Off-Campus Living

Health and safety will remain the highest priority

for MICA this fall, and we expect to maintain a robust and engaging - even if very different - campus environment. Appropriate health measures derived from public health guidance will be taken in our Residence Halls, in campus dining operations, and across campus. As an example, students living on-campus will move in over a thoughtful and carefully spread out schedule, and quarantine spaces will be available for on-campus residents as needed. Developed with public health in mind, we anticipate a robust slate of campus programming that will take place both online and in-person. The vitality of the MICA community is a critical component of the MICA experience that will be honored and maintained in a safe, appropriate manner.

Only students who are taking at least one class in person for fall 2020 are permitted to live in on campus housing this coming semester. This is to further help de-densify residence halls and enhance safety and social distancing measures. Undergraduate students who register in July for a fully online semester and who have submitted a housing application must notify the Office of Residence Life no later than August 1st that they will no longer need their on-campus assignment. This will allow the Office of Residence Life to repurpose that assignment to another student, and ensure that students are not incorrectly charged. This includes returning undergraduate students who have an on-campus assignment for the Fall 2020 semester, and returning and incoming undergraduate students who have submitted a housing application.

The Residence Life & Off Campus Housing office is open and working primarily remotely. Please email for support.

Move-In Process

This year Residence Life will conduct move-in over a roughly 8 day period, adhere to strict social distancing practices, and will utilize a staggered reservation process to limit the amount of people moving into a building in a given time period. Only 2 move-in helpers (friends or family) will be allowed in the building with each student. Large laundry baskets will be available for each student to quickly off load items into your apartment to be unpacked at a later time. Move in helpers will need to leave shortly after.

Further details, specific information regarding arrival time slots, and instructions will be provided to all residents in advance of move-in.

All returning students will move in between August 17-August 20. All new students will move in between August 21-24.

Per CDC guidelines, all students traveling from international origins must quarantine for 14 days prior to attending in person classes. Please contact for move in and quarantine instructions.

Please note that the residential move-in schedule is subject to change as public health guidance adapts in the coming weeks. Every effort will be made to communicate as promptly and clearly as possible as decisions are solidified.


Students will be able to ship personal belongings in advance of the semester, and are encouraged to do so to minimize the amount of time needed to unload during move-in. Do not mail packages until after you've been notified it is okay to do so by the Office of Residence Life. Packages will need to be addressed to a student’s specific assignment and those are not yet finalized.

Cleaning Protocol and Supplies

Public and common areas will be cleaned daily with hospital-grade sanitizer.

Each apartment will be provided with CDC approved disinfectant wipes. Refills will be available through the work order request system. Students will be provided with apartment cleaning guides to encourage cleanliness.

Guests in Residence Halls

Non-MICA community members including family, friends and significant others will not be permitted in the residence halls after students move in. Guests, including MICA community members will not be permitted in individual apartments or on residential floors where they do not live.

Quarantine Housing

MICA will provide designated spaces for residential students who must quarantine according to the CDC’s public health guidelines.

Housing Configuration

All residential students will inhabit single-occupancy bedrooms in a shared apartment space with 2, 3 or 4 other students.

Apartment configurations share an apartment bathroom, kitchen and living room area.

Public spaces will be closed or arranged in a way that encourages social distancing. Signs, markers, and other directive materials will be utilized to give clear expectations for the space.

Students should only pack what they need given the shorter than usual residential semester.

Fall Semester Move-Out

As the academic calendar includes a fully virtual experience for undergraduate students post Thanksgiving Break, all undergraduate students living on-campus will vacate their residential assignment no later than December 1st by 4pm. Students must take all of their belongings with them when they move out. While no decision has yet been made regarding instruction for the Spring semester, there is the realistic possibility of either significantly increased or decreased demand for on-campus housing come the Spring. Because of this it is possible that some or all students may need to be reassigned for the Spring semester.

The fall semester cost for undergraduate students in on-campus housing will be adjusted accordingly. Residence Life will allow undergraduate students to request permission to stay post Thanksgiving up to and through winter break if their individual circumstances require it. More details on this request process will follow. Graduate students living on campus will be permitted to stay in residence until the traditional close of the semester on December 19.

Off-Campus Living

Roughly half of MICA’s undergraduate population, and nearly all graduate students live off-campus, often in the neighborhoods immediately surrounding the College. MICA cannot be responsible for off-campus residents with respect to their living spaces and off-campus students are strongly encouraged to follow all relevant guidance from the State of Maryland regarding safe practices.

Off-campus students will be expected to follow all health and safety protocols enacted by MICA while on campus. Students who live off-campus and who test positive for COVID-19 or for any other reason are instructed to quarantine will be expected to do so in their off-campus residence. MICA will not be able to provide quarantine space for off-campus students. MICA will work with students in quarantine, regardless of whether they are on- or off-campus, to maintain continuity of instruction for their classes.