A holistic approach to planning and decisionmaking informed by our R5 Roadmap

In response to the multi-dimensional challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has elicited, the MICA community has drawn strength from, and continues to evolve and pursue the goals in, our mission, vision and tenets; our 2021-2026 Strategic Plan; and our enduring commitments to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Globalization (DEIG).  


MICA’s R5 Roadmap is a clear, focused, pragmatic, aspirational and campus wide approach. We invite you to learn more about our College Work Groups through the R5 web site


Guiding Principles for Reopening

The health and safety of students, faculty and staff is of paramount importance.

Decisions will be based on guidance from public health experts as well as state and local mandates.

Preserving academic excellence and integrity will be central to all decisions.

MICA’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and globalization will inform all policies and guidelines.

Plans, policies and guidelines will be subject to change as new and/or better information becomes available.

The Reopening Plan will be consistent with and embrace MICA’s core values.

The impact on the environment will be factored into all decisions so that opportunities for plans that support sustainability are maximized.

Guiding Principles for R5

We consider the health, safety, and wellness of our community members in accordance with MICA’s tenet of “A Community of Care.”

We ensure the continuity and integrity of our educational mission and our students’ educational experience in fulfillment of our core mission.

We make decisions based on the best information available while thinking through multiple future scenarios, in order to adapt agilely and act responsibly with escalation readiness.

We share information with campus members and parents as soon as new decisions and information are available.

R5 Planning Groups

R5 connects and coordinates largely existing teams and ongoing work with select additions, where gaps exist, for a transparent campuswide effort that fosters broad input and ownership.

There are two types of workgroups:

A Workgroups:

Based on campus work groups that are already in place, the Reopening or “A” Workgroups are directed to focus their May to October 2020 work on MICA’s campus reopening.

View the A Workgroups on the R5 site

L Workgroups:

The Log-Arc or “L” work groups, are a smaller set of cross-functional HUB-like groups for large-theme work, de-siloed planning, and harvesting of ideas and recommendations from the “A” groups.

View the L Workgroups on the R5 site