Reopen: MICA's Fall 2020 All-Online Opening

Career Development and Academic Support

MICA’s priority is to support students in their learning and careers...

while doing everything possible to ensure the health and safety of our community, and to follow all available public health guidance. In the fall, most of the College’s career development and academic support offices will function primarily online, but some will utilize in-person approaches as well. Because of this, each area will define what model of work best balances the need for maximum public health with that area’s educational purpose.

Career Development

The Joseph Meyerhoff Center for Career Development will be delivering virtual programming, virtual counseling appointments, and virtual events to support students and alumni on their career paths throughout AY 20-21.

  • Career Counselors will be available for virtual counseling appointments and will be holding virtual webinars and workshops.
  • Students will have access to employers through virtual Employer Visit Days (webinars + portfolio reviews), the Internship + Career Fair, and The Reviews. Career Development will create resources to help students prepare for and navigate virtual employer engagement. New technologies are also in development to enhance the quality of online career events for students, alumni, and our employer partners.
  • The Ratcliffe Center for Creative Entrepreneurship (RCCE) will provide online delivery of business and entrepreneurship programs, including preparation for the 2021 UP/Start Venture Competition. Resources and opportunities will continue to be shared via MICA's online entrepreneurship community on Startup Tree.
  • We will continue to support students completing internships and continue to accept remote internships for credit.
  • The Career Development website has a wealth of resources to assist artists and designers in all aspects of their career pursuits.

Student Academic Advising

Returning students may continue to drop/add courses through the online registration system throughout the summer in order to ensure that their schedule meets their degree requirements and health and safety needs. The schedule for undergraduate courses will be updated by July 15 to reflect learning format (online/remote, hybrid, modified in-person) so that students can make informed decisions regarding their fall enrollment. Students are encouraged to communicate with their academic advisor and/or department chair with specific questions or concerns.

During the period of the college's reopening, and throughout the fall semester, the academic advising team will continue to be available for individual student appointments through Zoom, and will continue to monitor and respond to email communication regularly at To browse your advisor's calendar and schedule an appointment please Meet the Enrollment Services Team and click the corresponding link for your academic advisor. We also encourage you to consult with your department chair or program director, where necessary, as a way of augmenting these services. To facilitate the processing of routine administrative matters we have also converted many of our enrollment and advising forms to electronic format. These documents will continue to be updated over the next months.

International Education and Student Support

The Office of International Education (OIE) supports MICA international students with immigration and cross-cultural advising and services, as well as assisting students to study abroad. The OIE will be open for the fall semester virtually with limited in-person staff hours. Reopening questions related to immigration issues, such as visas, travel bans, immigration documents, reentry, or others, as well as potential study abroad programs can be directed to the OIE at For more information or to schedule an online appointment or you may also contact us at our website, or via phone at: (+1) 410-225-2243

Learning and Disability Support Services

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) supports MICA students by providing equal access to educational opportunities to qualified students with documented disabilities. LRC staff work with students directly, individually and confidentially on all aspects of disability accommodations to facilitate an interactive, individualized process and the timely exchange of information. Beyond its role as the College’s disability services office, the LRC also coordinates comprehensive academic support services for all students at the College in an effort to promote the development of academic, executive-functioning, and creative skills.

Incoming and returning MICA students are encouraged to contact the LRC with any issues and questions relating to classes or housing for the fall semester. Additionally, students may schedule appointments to work with one of the LRC’s academic coaches who provide peer-to-peer tutoring on topics like creative work and process, critiques, creating weekly schedules, and strategies and practice in academic and executive-functioning skills (e.g., organization, reading efficiency, and test performance).

The LRC will be open for the fall semester virtually. For more information or to schedule an online appointment visit the LRC website, or you can email us at:

Writing Support

For the fall semester, the Writing Studio will continue to function as a virtual center and its facility will not reopen. Professional writing tutors will continue to take requests for individual 50-minute tutoring sessions through the Studio’s normal system. Workshops on writing-related topics that would ordinarily be conducted in-person will be scheduled as virtual sessions in the Fall.

Decker Library

The Decker Library’s electronic resources have remained available to students throughout the closure of the MICA campus. Librarians are also available to assist students in their research. When the campus opens, the Decker Library will reopen for pick-up and drop-off only. The breadth of circulating materials will be expanded to include things such as periodicals. Access to special collection items that cannot be circulated will be available by appointment.

Class of 2020 Celebration and Support

The global COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on MICA’s physical operations had a particular impact on the Class of 2020. The endurance, resilience, and grit of this Class is to be commended, and MICA intends to continue to uniquely celebrate and support this class into the early launch of their careers. To this end, one of MICA’s COVID-19 Recovery Groups is specifically designated to solicit, listen, and respond to the needs of this class. Several members of this group are members of the Class of 2020 and as resources are identified and opportunities made available the Class of 2020 will be notified directly.