College offices and support resources will consider public safety as the top priority in how they operate.

College offices and support resources will consider public safety as the top priority in how they operate. Student Counseling and Student Health Services will continue to provide high quality support for students, maximizing virtual and telehealth models wherever possible.

While the  campus will likely look and feel different this coming Fall, maintaining human connection, attending to mental health needs, and providing systemic support for all members of our community remain priorities and the MICA community will need to work together to ensure the care of our population.

Student Health Center

The Student Health Center will institute a hybrid model of in-person and tele-health services. The Student Health Center will be open during the Fall semester Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm when students may attend a pre-scheduled appointment. The daily walk-in clinic will be temporarily unavailable; however, all students can still access same-day care by calling ahead and speaking to a care team member first. The Health Center will be closed everyday from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm. Appointments can be made by calling 410-225-4118. Return to routine walk-in clinic and evening hours will be updated in accordance with operational and public health recommendations during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Student Counseling

The Student Counseling Center is open from 9:00 am–5:00 pm, Monday–Friday. All regular appointments with Student Counseling will be through tele-counseling and can be made by calling 410-225-2367 or emailing For mental health concerns after hours and on weekends, students can call Campus Safety at 410-225-2245 and ask to speak with the Counselor on Call. For mental health emergencies, students should call MICA’s Campus Safety Emergency Dispatch at 443-423-3333.

Food and Dining

Salad, Soup, and Grains will be served, and not self-served.

Plexiglass is being installed to prevent self-service and have each station served.


  • Cafe Doris: one person per table or per booth. Maximum of 18 dine-in customers at one time. Community members should utilize GET (mobile app) ordering extensively, particularly with meal exchanges/combos.
  • Java Corner: one person per table with extra chairs removed. Maximum of 6 dine-in customers at one time. Community members should utilize GET (mobile app) ordering extensively, particularly with meal exchanges/combos.
  • Meyerhoff: large tables will be removed, providing space for 4-seat tables six feet apart, one person per table, one person per booth. Maximum of 75 dine-in customers at one time.
  • Glace Grill: Still being determined.

Seating capacity will be managed, in part, by the staggering of class break times.

Grab and go options will be expanded, with take-out encouraged, particularly at Meyerhoff Dining Room.

Fountain and coffee beverages across campus will be served rather than self-served.

Cashiers will have plexiglass installed in all locations.

Student Life and Programming

Student life programs and activities are a vital part of the MICA student experience. The College will offer virtual campus programming, including focused community-building for new students and programming around activism, voter engagement, equity, racial and social justice.

A new app for the college, launching in fall 2020, will centralize all event and exhibition information, as well as provide the ability to join and participate in student organizations. Within the app, the campus community will have the ability to engage on a campus wall where virtual activities and announcements can be shared. In addition, students will be able to connect with one another and communicate through direct messages.

MICA is committed to maintaining the spirit and vibrancy of the community through robust virtual programming.

Fitness Center and Health Promotion

The Fitness Center is scheduled to be open this Fall, but that is dependent on Baltimore City continuing to allow fitness and gym facilities to operate, which is subject to change dependent upon health conditions in the City. The Fitness Center will be open during designated hours at 50% capacity with strict public health measures in place related to disinfecting and social distancing. All visitors will be required to wear a face covering upon entry.

Health Promotion and all other Wellness programming will continue to be offered virtually.

Shuttles and Transportation

All vehicles will be fully disinfected on a regular basis. Shuttles (14-passenger) and Buses (25-passenger) as well as any larger contracted vehicles will limit the number of passengers and allow only one passenger per row, and alternating rows per side. Evening Safety Shuttles and Circulator Shuttles travel will take precedence over other uses of vehicles and hours of operation may be limited, but still based on decisions made for general building hours. Due to reduced capacity from socially distanced seating, two extra shuttles will be put on routes each evening.

  • Field trips will be limited and will require the approval of the Vice Provost.
  • Limit or eliminate shopping and social shuttles.
  • No more than five people in a shuttle at a time. No more than 9-10 in a 25-passenger bus.
  • Increase the number of Evening Safety Shuttles per night to regain some lost capacity.
  • Increase Circulator Shuttles to meet the needs of traveling to Station North.
  • Discourage or reduce travel on Evening Safety Shuttles around our parameter to campus buildings only
  • Drivers must wear masks or face coverings and do regular wipe-downs of frequently touched surfaces.
  • For physical distancing, using uniform stickers, seats that cannot be utilized will be marked.
  • All riders must wear masks.
  • Sanitizing all shuttles and buses on a regular schedule.
  • Reduced hours to be considered but will follow guidance for building hours.
  • Install signage for social distancing and mask wearing.
  • Open windows of shuttles when possible to allow fresh air circulation.

MICA Store

The MICA Store is a publicly-facing facility that serves both the MICA community and the local Baltimore artists community. Although students are our primary focus, allowing entry to local artists is crucial as part of the college’s mission to engage with the city. The MICA Store will maintain a phased reopening with the proper protective supplies, like plexiglass guards, distancing signage and sanitizing supplies. By the beginning of the fall semester, the following protocols will be followed.

  • Expanded regular hours to give customers more time options to shop, reducing the number of customers in the store.
  • Capacity limits will be maintained based on local protocols, with an employee at the main doors to control traffic flow.
  • Sneeze guards will be installed at counter spaces.
  • Markings will be placed on floors at six foot distances to foster physical distancing while waiting in line.
  • One-way aisles will be established to assist with physical distancing.
  • The Store will have a thorough sanitation schedule based on Facilities Management practices and staff will wipe down surfaces regularly between general cleanings.
  • Staff to be assigned zones daily in which to work for stocking and assisting customers and regular cleaning.
  • All staff will sanitize their hands before handling or stocking merchandise.
  • All staff will wear a face covering at all times.
  • A hand sanitizing station will be installed at the front door.
  • Customers are required to wear face coverings.
  • Online ordering through the MICA Store website will be encouraged for quick pickup, thus reducing customer capacity within the physical space.
  • Cashless sales will be encouraged.

Postal and Print

The Postal and Print Office will be open only to MICA students, faculty and staff with access by the public suspended. As services on campus ramp up, hours of service will also increase, but with current practices in place.

  • Hours of service will continue to be limited until students return to campus.
  • On “closed to the community days” mail and package pickup will be by appointment only for curbside pickup.
  • Systems will remain in place to forward mail to department representatives who are continuing to work remotely.
  • “Dutch” door service will be maintained to enforce physical distancing by allowing only one customer at a time and limiting contact distance. A plexiglass shield will be installed at the door.
  • All staff will wear face coverings and gloves.
  • All customers must wear face coverings while on line and at the service door.
  • Printing work (syllabi, course materials, etc.) must be submitted by email only, in advance. No books, drives, or hard copies will be accepted for duplication.
  • Uniform medallions on the hallway floor outside the dutch door for social distancing.
  • Outgoing packages must be prepacked and addressed.
  • Cashless sales will be encouraged.

Student Development Specialist

The Student Development Specialist will continue to work directly with students via tele-conference to assist students who have concerns that are impacting their academic success, well-being, and enjoyment of their time at MICA. These can range from struggles with mental and medical health to financial and family issues. Students can schedule a virtual appointment using the following link. Requests for alternatives to tele-conferencing appointments will be considered on an individual basis.