Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response

Gender Identity Information and Instructions

MICA is an inclusive campus that celebrates diversity in all of its aspects, and our staff are known for being supportive and caring about the success of each individual student, faculty, and staff member. The conversation around the difficulties experienced by individuals who are Transgender or Gender Non-Conforming is rapidly expanding both at MICA and across the nation. The most recent Dear Colleageue Letter from the Office of Civil Rights addresses the care institutions need to take for our students, faculty, and staff who are trans while providing guidelines and expectations.  Utlimately the goal is to create an inclusive community for all. 


MICA's core values are exemplified through honoring a person's gender pronouns and preferred name. One's gender identity is deeply personal. When identities or preferences are disclosed, it is important to honor that trust through using the communicated gender pronouns and preferred name. It is also a form of respect and inclusion.

MICA is working to facilitate communication and utilization of gender pronouns and preferred name for anyone who chooses to share. MICA's Technology System and Services Team, in collaboration with the Title IX Team, The Center for Identity and Inclusion, Human Resources, and Academic Affairs have recently made the following updates:

  • Faculty, staff, and students are now able to note gender pronouns in use through MyMICA (MICA portal). Options include:
    • they,them,their,theirs,themself
    • Ze,hir,hir,hirs,hirself
    • she,her,her,hers,herself
    • he,him,his,his,himself
    • Other - free form text
  • Faculty preferred names will now display on class schedules, grades, assignments & rosters instead of the primary name.
  • Student gender pronouns and preferred names will continue to appear on faculty rosters.

MICA strives to foster an inclusive community. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for improvement, questions, or concerns by contacting the Title IX Team, Center for Identity and Inclusion, or Human Resources.

Instructions: Navigation for Pronouns:

  1. Log in to portal (
  2. Select My Account and Profile on left side bar menu
  3. Select My Pronouns

Navigation for Preferred Name:

  1. log in to portal (
  2. select My Account and Profile on left side bar menu
  3. select My Names
    • If Preferred Name exists
      1. Press the Edit button
      2. Update your name
      3. Press the Save button
      4. Then press the OK button
    • If a Preferred Name does not exist
      1. Press the Add a Name button
      2. Select the Preferred name type
      3. Update your name
      4. Press the Save button
      5. Press the OK button



To better assist you in supporting Gender Non-Conforming community members, we wanted to provide you with access to information. The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) maintains a glossary of terms that can be helpful.

This five-minute video explains pronouns and their importance.