Employee Handbook


The purpose of the MICA Employee Handbook is to introduce you to the College, explain our current policies, practices and benefits, and serve as a reference tool for you, in your employment at MICA you should thoroughly familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures contained in this handbook, as well as any additional updated policies or procedures that may be communicated to you.

It is important to understand that you are employed in an "at will" employment relationship, which means that either you or the College can end your employment at any time, with or without notice, for any reason or no reason at all. Please note that only the president of the college has the authority to alter at-will employment status or make promises of any kind regarding the conditions or terms of employment for any employee of the College, and then, only in writing.

The information contained in this handbook does not, and is not intended to, create a contract of employment or benefits, and does not create any express or implied contractual rights. The policies contained in this handbook may be altered, modified or deleted by the College at any time without notice. If there are errors or information subject to interpretation, the College may interpret, change or correct that information. Although we have tried to draft this handbook with as much attention to detail as possible, some information pertaining to the College's policies or procedures may have been omitted.

Please read this handbook in its entirety within five days of receiving it, so that you fully understand the policies that will govern your employment at MICA. If there is any item that you do not understand, please request clarification from your supervisor or Human Resources. This handbook supersedes all previous handbooks, manuals, letters, memoranda or understandings that may have been issued on subjects contained herein.

After completing your review of the handbook, please so acknowledge by signing the statements on the following pages of the handbook, returning one page to Human Resources and retaining one page for yourself. The signed acknowledgment will be placed in your employee file.

This handbook is the property of MICA. If you leave the employment of the College, your printed copy of this handbook must be returned to the College.