Task Force Memos & Reports

Memo: Community Feedback of the Task Force Draft (10/19/2017)


Date: October 19, 2017

To: Students, Faculty, Staff & Trustees

From: Co-chairs of Presidential Task Force on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Globalization

  • Samuel Hoi, President
  • Clyde Johnson, Assistant Dean for Diversity and Intercultural Development
  • Colette Veasey-Cullors, Chair, Photography Department

Re: Community Feedback of the Task Force Report Draft

Many thanks to those who attended the Pan-College Convening yesterday to hear a summary of the final Task Report draft. The engaged crowd of over 150 students, faculty, staff, and trustees yielded rich input for the report in the small group discussions.

As promised, a 3-week campus review process begins today. From now, October 19 through November 10, you can review the Task Force Report draft here and provide feedback through this survey. Due to time constraints, the presentation yesterday shared headline summary points; the specific details can be viewed in this more detailed DEIG Work Plan, which is embedded in the report draft.

Your comments and suggestions are strongly encouraged and all will be studied and considered with care. We are particularly interested in your thoughts regarding success scenarios, and what that means for MICA within this context. Your input will help refine the report draft towards finalization.

In November, the Task Force will review collected community feedback, consider final revisions to the DEIG Task Force report, and endorse a final report. The finalized DEIG Task Force Report will be shared no later than January 2018.

Once again, this work is critical and central to our purpose as an institution. Via a positive and inclusive shift in campus culture and a structuralization of policies and practices in the context of our educational mission, we seek to deploy DEIG as a catalyst for creativity, educational excellence, and responsible engagement.

We thank you in advance for your thoughtful input.