BIPOC stands for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. During the summer of 2020, MICA’s Student Voice Association (SVA), with BIPOC faculty input, developed the modified term of BI+POC to emphasize the inclusion of domestic and international people of color. MICA will follow the SVA usage of BI+POC.


The BI+POC Advisory Council (BAC) operates as a working think tank that assists President Samuel Hoi in empowering BI+POC actions and leaders at MICA. BAC serves the following institutional strategic goals:

  1. MICA will transform through DEIG* to provide an education and campus environment that authentically reflects its Mission, Vision, and Tenets.
  2. MICA will transcend its anti-Black racist past and present to be a worthy destination for BI+POC students, staff, faculty, and external stakeholders.
  3. MICA will unite its intersecting constituencies to foster a campus community with a high level of racial literacy and empathy, as well as DEIG*-driven objectives, practices, and actions. 

It is a fundamental commitment of BAC to engage campus allies, as well as external partners when appropriate, in developing and implementing its plans and efforts.


For the near-range (2020-2021 and 2021-2022), BAC focuses its efforts on a set of BI+POC initiatives that support the July 15 MICA Action Plan for a DEIG-Driven and Safe Campus, as well as the efforts in response to the SVA Open Letter for DEIG integration. These initiatives include concrete and immediate actions that produce significant change that benefit current students.

For the mid-range (now through MICA’s 2026 bicentennial year), BAC works to accelerate MICA’s transformative journey in becoming:

  • A professional home and community sought after by BI+POC talent for its curriculum and pedagogy that amplify the intersections of art, culture, and society; the intersection between creativity and community; the intersection between activism, entrepreneurship, and empowerment; as well as the intersection between race, social caste and structural inequalities in art and design.
  • An educational leader and megaphone in creative Black imagination, making, and scholarship.
  • An effective and recognized pipeline and launchpad for BI+POC leaders in education (faculty), administration (staff), and field practice (alumni).
  • A critical learning community characterized by informed dialogues and academic policies that deepen mutual understanding and empathy among intersecting communities and generate leading actions for social and racial justice.

These 2021-2026 priorities require BAC to confront MICA’s status quo in terms of anti-Blackness, White advantage/White supremacy, social justice, injustice, racial repair and reconciliation. In order to drive structural change, the work will seek collaboration but will not aim for comfort.


2020-2021 Members

Erin Baynham

Bill Gaskins

Leslie King-Hammond

LaShay Harvey

Samuel Hoi, Standing Chair *

Shannon Ingram *

Mel Lewis

Vanessa López

Ashley Minner 

Sheri Parks *

Nicolás Rodriguez Melo 

Tanvi Sharma 

Jellema Stewart 

Colette Veasey-Cullors *

Angela Wheeler 

James Williams

* non-staggering member