Research Tech

Will Schore

Analog Synth + Piezo Inkjet

Project Overview 

The main project I worked on during the research tech position was a piezo inkjet head. I picked the project because I was interested in the ability of this technology to print most any liquid medium.

Project evolution / Process / Challenges

I was also curious to learn more about piezo technology for audio and other motion applications. I built a few different inkjet heads and an amp to drive them. I had some success getting droplets to fire from the nozzle. 









In conjunction to this more formal research I was also working on an analog synthesizer design for myself. The two projects overlapped and informed each-other as the inkjet contained some of the same elements found in audio systems. As well, the synthesizer I was building is much like electronics test equipment.


The impact of the Digital Fabrication studios, and community at MICA

It was a great time to use the dFab shop and guidance of staff and faculty and work through longer form projects than are normally allowed for school assignments. 

The takeaways

Now I have stayed in Baltimore running my small business, Lorre Mill designing and producing synthesizer products. 


Will Schore


Lorre Mill / Baltimore, MD