Teaching Support

Place Items on Course Reserve

Reserves are items pulled and set aside for a particular course. Reserves are located behind the Access Services Desk on the first floor of the library.

Procedures and Policies for Faculty

  • Please submit your Reserves list to Access Services via this form.
  • Materials currently available in the library's collection may take up to two days to be placed on Reserve. Items that must be purchased can take approximately two to six weeks, depending on availability.
  • Only one copy of an item will be placed on Reserve.
  • Items that are owned by other libraries or rental company will not be placed on Reserve or Hold.
  • Faculty are allowed extended due dates for Reserve items for classroom use.
  • Access Services can place personal items owned by Faculty on Reserve (unless we own said items, in which case, we will place our items on Reserve), and personal material must be picked up at the end of each semester.
  • The course instructor should be present when DVD/Blu-Ray Reserves are circulated for use in the classroom unless a signed TA Checkout Form has been provided. The material can be checked out to the faculty member, or an approved TA, for up to 24 hours.


For In-Classroom Screenings of Items in the Film & Video Collection

Screening dates should be scheduled when materials are needed for classroom sessions, but students are not expected to view the film outside of class. After the screening date has passed, items will be returned to the collection for circulation.

Items will be pulled from circulation two weeks prior to the provided screening date. If there are any availability issues, the faculty member will be notified.

The course instructor must be present to check out materials for screening dates unless a signed TA Checkout Form has been provided.

Procedures and Policies for Students

Students checking out Reserve material should provide the title of the item, their instructor's name, and the name of the course to library staff at the Access Services desk on the upper floor of the library.

All reserve items are to be used in-library only. DVDs and Blu-Rays may be viewed on personal computers in the library, public computers in the library, or by reservation of the Decker Library Screening Room.

Questions? Contact us at circ@mica.edu or at 410-225-2272.