Visitor Information

Using Our Space

Be Kind and Be Aware

Decker Library is committed to an atmosphere conducive to creative exploration, research, and study. Behavior that disrupts or obstructs the library-related work and activities of the MICA community is prohibited. To report disruptive activity, go to the Access Services desk on the upper floor of the library or call 410-225-2272.

Food and Drink

Food and drink are currently not allowed in the library due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Cellphones and Conversations

1st floor: Talk all you want!

Lower level: Please silence cell phones and converse in a low voice in open areas. 

Clean Hands When Using Library Materials

Please handle library books with clean hands and place them on clean surfaces (both inside and outside of the library). We just want the book to be usable by as many people as possible!

Computers and Wireless Access

Library users may use public computers to access the library catalog and electronic resources. Visitors may use the public wifi and provided outlets for personal devices. 

Copy, Print, and Scan

The printer and copier (which has a built-in scanner) are both available for self-service.


Photocopies (8.5x11 in. or 11x17 in. only):

  • $0.15 for black-and-white copies
  • $0.45 for color copies


  • $0.50 for black-and-white or color print-outs


  • Free

The library printer is generally for printing text-based documents, such as articles or typed papers for courses. Please note that the printer and copier are not regularly calibrated. Please take any studio output to the Art Tech Center for quality printing.