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Collecting Policies

New Acquisitions

New acquisitions are determined by the Liaison Librarians. New acquisitions that do the following are given priority:

  • Support existing programs, courses, and curriculum.
  • Support new programs, courses, and curriculum.
  • Fill faculty and student requests.
  • Fill gaps in the overall collection coverage.
  • Replace old, lost, damaged, or unusable materials.

The library staff also monitors Interlibrary Loan (ILL) requests to determine trends and patterns that show gaps in the library's collections and acquisitions.

See our wiki for our full Collection Development Policy


In order for our collections to remain useful and relevant to the students, faculty, and staff of MICA, they need to be carefully looked at to remove items that are no longer appropriate. 

Items may be withdrawn periodically from the collection because they are:

  • Obsolete
  • Superseded by later editions
  • Out-of-date in content
  • Unnecessary duplicates
  • Not circulated for a period of time to be determined by the Library Director and Access Services staff
  • Worn-out or damaged
  • Text-based publications in a language other than English
  • Part of an incomplete multi-volume set
  • Inappropriate to the curricular goals of the college

We want history!


At this time we are only able to accept donations that will enhance and contribute to our Special Collections. Special Collections include rare books, artists’ books, design material samples, and archival collections or records, including AV materials directly relevant to MICA.

Before donating, prospective donors must first complete our Donation Form. Please have an itemized list ready before filling out form.