See below for why some MICA parents and alumni give to support the College.

Matthew Smith '12, BFA Animation and Assistant Director of Admission

"Scholarship is a tantamount to the success of our students. The choice to attend a college comes down to many different factors, but when financial support is there to assist a very talented young adult, the care and community of MICA comes through and helps make their collegiate decision that much easier."

Smile Indias '17, MA Social Design

"Without the scholarship and great emotional support I got from MICA, I would not have had the courage to show up in spaces where I am least expected."

Bob Davis '62, BFA Painting

"I give to the Institute because I love art, and I love this school."

Liza Sanchez P'21

"Giving to MICA is an opportunity for parents to support and to be a part of the college community. This includes funding research projects, providing scholarships for students, and supporting artistic, cultural, and community efforts."