Each school year, MICA offers hundreds of students employment through its College Work-Study programs.

Work Opportunities and Eligibility

On campus/off campus job opportunities are available to students in many areas including the library, mailroom and academic departments. Students are employed under the Federal Work-Study program or the MICA Work-Study program.

Federal Work-Study is a Federal Aid program with the purpose of providing part-time employment opportunities for undergraduate students with demonstrated financial need in order to assist them in their pursuit of a college education. Eligibility is determined based on your Student Aid Index (SAI) and availability of federal funds.

Students who are not awarded Federal Work Study may also seek campus employment though the MICA Work-Study program. Eligibility is determined based on availability of institutional funds and demonstrated financial need.

Student employees are paid $12.50 per hour ($13.25 starting 01/01/2023) and can work up to 7 hours per week. Average work-study awards are $2,100.

Please contact George Tyree in the Financial Aid office (gtyree@mica.edu) for more information.

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