Voter Access Initiative

The Voting Process Series

This 5-part series created by MICA Organizers & Activists walks you through every step of the voting process with resources linked in each video description.

1. How to Get Civically Engaged

Take the census

MICA’s Community Art & Service Program

MICA’s Center for Creative Citizenship

MICA Organizers & Activists

2. How to Register to Vote

Get registered to vote

Voter eligibility rules by state

Registration deadlines

How to check your registration status

Check for common errors in your registration form:

  • make sure you mark that you at least 18 years old and a U.S. citizen.
  • your signature is clear, matches your ID, and stays within the box.
  • you write the correct dates. Don’t mix up your birth date and today’s date.
  • you include hyphens and special characters as they are listed on your ID.
  • your residential address is the address where you want to register to vote (not necessarily the same as the address you want mail delivered to)
  • your mailing address is where you want mail delivered to (not necessarily just the same address for where you are registering)

3. How to Request an Absentee Ballot

request your absentee ballot

Find your ballot request deadline

When to expect your absentee ballot in the mail

4. How to Mail an Absentee Ballot

Non-partisan ballot guides by home address: Vote411 & BallotReady

Ballot drop box locations for Maryland

Where to track your ballot by state

5. How to Safely Vote in Person

Up-to-date information for voting during Covid-19

Early voting periods and locations by state

How to find your Election Day polling site

Voter ID laws by state

Voting provisionally if you aren't listed in the voter rolls