CCC Grants and Awards

Reporting About Your Project

If you finished your project or have expended all of your funding, now is the time to reflect on the project and lessons learned.

All awardees are required to submit a brief narrative report describing outcomes, successes, and lessons learned. Images and a project budget are also required. These reports contribute to our office's documentation of outcomes from MICA-sponsored projects.

Please note: Text and images from reports may be used on the MICA website or used in promotional material. 

Steps for Reporting on Your Project

  1.  Document project expenses. We have created a grant expenditures report template for your use. If you have been using your own document to track, you may upload that instead.
  2.  Complete the respective report for your grant or award at
  3.  Select 1 - 5  high-quality images from your project.

Please note that as the grant recipient, you are responsible for maintaining your project’s budget and are responsible for any expenses exceeding the grant award amount. CCC reserves the right to hold final reimbursements until grant reports are completed.

Here is an example of a satisfactory Community Engagement Grant report.

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to call us.

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