CCC Grants and Awards

Accessing Your Grant and Award Funds

You may access your funds at the beginning of, and up to 30 days after, your grant period. Funds may be accessed and used in multiple ways:

  1. Reimbursement
  2. Honorarium or Stipend issued by CCC
  3. MICA Van or Bus Rental

Please reference our Accessing Your CCC Funds document for detailed instructions.

With MICA's switch to Workday, there are a few updates to our processes. Please note that as the grant recipient, you are responsible for maintaining your project’s budget and you are responsible for any ineligible expenses such as stipends, gift cards, or additional project costs exceeding your grant award amount. It is important that you remain in contact with CCC at throughout the process of spending your project funds.

If you have any questions about your grant, please contact CCC at

Please note: Grant recipients should NOT pay any individuals or organizations for services out-of-pocket. Due to potential tax reporting requirements, grant recipients will not be reimbursed for any contractual services paid out-of-pocket. Contractual services must be paid directly by MICA. Individuals or organizations providing a contractual service must provide CCC with an invoice outlining the service.

Helpful Forms + Documents

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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