Meyerhoff Internship Fellowship Program

At MICA, we understand the need for students to have access to a wide variety of internship opportunities, both locally and nationally. It is essential to the development of future pathways for their careers.

The Meyerhoff Internship Fellowship program provides MICA students the opportunity to participate in a valuable summer internship experience. Visit the Meyerhoff Internship Fellowship program website via the links below to learn more about this opportunity.

This fellowship is brought to MICA through the generous support of the Joseph and Harvey Meyerhoff Family Charitable Funds.

Meyerhoff Internship Fellowship Website

Access to Real-Life Experience

The Meyerhoff Internship Fellowships will be awarded to deserving students, who have demonstrated financial need and have secured a substantive internship offer from an employer in their field. The fellowship will help with living expenses and transportation costs allowing students to seek competitive internships. Learn more and apply via the links below.