Work Study Financial Aid FAQ

Questions specifically for students participating in MICA's Work Study Program.

Q: Will I still receive my work-study pay during the remainder of the spring 2020 semester?

Yes- Spring 2020 active work-study students that have unearned funds for the spring 2020 semester will be paid the remainder of their financial aid award. 

Q: What if I was awarded work-study and never started working. Will I be paid?

No-Only students who were actively working at the time of MICA’s school closure will be paid.

Q: How is the unearned earnings determined for the spring 2020 active work-study students? 

Each student accepted work-study as part of their financial aid package, which detailed the amount that could be earned for the 2019-20 school year.  The amount already earned will be subtracted from the award amount to determine the remaining amount to be paid. Example: Spring work-study award $1050 – amount already earned $1000-final pay = $50.

Please review your particular financial aid award notification for the amount. Most student awards were $2,100 for the year and spring semester only awards were $1050, though amounts may vary.

Q: Will I continue to be paid if I have already exceeded my work-study award?

Unfortunately, you will not be paid for exceeding your award. Work-study students are awarded a set amount of funds reflected in their Financial Aid Award Notification and should not exceed that amount. We will honor and pay what was earned to those that exceeded the amount if you were actively working at the time of MICA’s school closure.

Q: Will I be required to work-remotely?

No-Work-Study students will not be required to continue working remotely, off-campus, or on campus. All work-study jobs have officially ended for this school year. 

Q:  Will I still be required to enter work hours into the system to be paid?

No-MICA is working on a plan for students to get paid without submitting hours into the system.  Students should not be working or entering hours.  

Q: What if I need financial assistance do to my work-study pay ending?

You are encouraged to submit a request through MICA’s Angel Fund for consideration per the email from Student Affairs.