Residence Halls

This FAQ includes information about belongings left on campus, as well as fall 2020 housing.

Updated: July 14

Q: Some students left belongings in the residence halls. What has been done to secure these items and store them? Will students be able to return to campus to pick up personal belongings they’ve left?

The governor of Maryland has given students permission to return to college campuses to retrieve belongings from residence halls. MICA carefully created a process for students who were able to return to residence halls and retrieve their belongings at the end of May. 

For social distancing purposes the College limited the amount of people allowed on campus at a time. The process also limited the amount of people in a building or on a floor at a time. Students were assigned a specific two hour window of time for the date their building was open. 

Thank you for your understanding and compliance with the efforts to keep our community members safe. If you have any questions, please contact 

Q: What if a student cannot return to pick up their belongings at the end of May?

MICA’s Facilities Management is coordinating the packing, moving and the storage of belongings that remain in the residence halls. A moving company that has assisted other local colleges with a similar project will be contracted for this endeavor. 

There is no charge for this packing service or for storing items within the residence halls.

Belongings will be packed in three different sized boxes (small, medium and large). Items that are unable to fit within a box will be stored with the boxes for each resident or apartment. All boxes will be labeled with the student’s identification information. All common area items will be packed separately but stored with apartment A's boxes. 

Boxes and furniture will be placed outside the resident’s apartment in the hallways with the exception of Carter, Spear and Glace Halls which are exposed to the outside elements.  Belongings for these specific residence halls will be stored in another location on campus yet to be finalized at this time.

All belongings will be accessible when MICA reopens in the Fall. More information will be provided to help navigate the next steps of this process once decisions for the fall are finalized. 

Q: How will MICA protect the health and safety of students remaining on campus?

Student Health services will remain open. Campus safety will continue working.

MICA will continue to reach out to students staying on campus to evaluate their needs. Students on campus are also encouraged to discuss their situation with their faculty. Also, students can visit MICA’s COVID-19 webpages for a complete list of contacts.

Q: How will this impact on-campus housing for 2020-2021?

None of us know exactly what the coming months will bring. Following the State of Maryland's Roadmap to Recovery, current public health guidance, and MICA’s own clinical expertise we are making changes to normal residential operations for the coming year. The following measures will increase the safety of our residential communities and follow physical distancing recommendations:

  1. All bedrooms within an apartment will be single (1-person) occupancy, regardless of whether or not that bedroom space is designed for multiple people. In other words, traditional double bedrooms will be used as singles. This will ensure that every resident has their own, self-contained bed space.
  2. A new criteria related to COVID-19 has been added to the First Year and Sophomore residential requirement exemption request process. Any incoming First Year student or rising Sophomore student who feels they have a unique need to live off-campus due to COVID-19 is welcomed to submit an exemption request. The Office of Residence Life will review those requests and work with students accordingly.

Additionally, MICA understands some students who were planning to live off-campus this fall may now be interested in living on-campus due to the difficulty of finding off-campus housing from afar. As a reminder, the housing application remains live, and returning students are encouraged to submit an application as needed at any time. We will do everything we can to work with you based on our capacity. The housing sign up process will continue all summer long as spaces become available.

Q: What will the move-in process look like? 

MICA’s residential experiences and on-campus student activities will be delivered with density-reduction and public health measures in place. For more information, visit the Reopening website.

  • Move-in process: Move-in to the residence halls will be scheduled over a two week period to ensure low density during this traditionally high traffic time. Residents will be scheduled for a specific move in time and date, and a maximum of two helpers (family or friends) will be allowed to assist with unloading.

  • Quarantine spaces: Designated spaces will be assigned to on-campus residents who are required to quarantine according to CDC public health guidelines.

Q: When will residence halls close in the Fall 2020 semester?

The residence halls will close for undergraduate students at Thanksgiving Break, although students who have a specific need to stay will be permitted to request an extension. Graduate students living on-campus will be permitted to stay in residence post-break.