March 13 Campus Memo

Details the cleaning efforts by MICA’s Facilities Management team to keep the campus safe.




Dear MICA Community Members,
Our Building Services Team at MICA continues its efforts to disinfect all areas of campus and are gearing up for a thorough campus wide disinfecting initiative this Spring Break. During normal daily operations the Building Services team cleans five days a week working two shifts to make sure the campus is clean and operational. 
Each winter and summer break the team does a “Deep Clean” where we clean windows,  dust on window sills, window treatments, clean and reset desks and chairs in classrooms and shampoo carpets in classrooms and hallways. This fall we started disinfectant treatment for what was our Flu A & B viruses on campus and then eventually COVID-19 was added as well. The disinfectant spray we are using has a thirty six hour effective period per application and we are treating three days a week to make sure our campus is disinfected and clean. As we move forward into the spring and summer months we are evaluating another campus wide “Deep Clean” and following it up with a disinfectant cleaning as well. More information will follow as we plan accordingly on this initiative. 

 As the team gears up for our prolonged Spring Break and beyond we are asking for your partnership in our proactive disinfectant cleaning we are about to undertake.  Your help is greatly appreciated by the staff. 

 We will be disinfecting the following areas on campus this break:

  • We will continue to spray disinfectant on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to all high touch areas on campus. This includes door handles, railings, classroom tables and chairs, white boards, common area furniture, conference room tables and chairs, common area bathrooms,  fitness center equipment, water dispensers, elevator controls, and cars and our Campus Shuttles.
  • We are going to disinfect with hand wipes all common area phones, computer keyboards, and monitors, including those in lab spaces and the tables and chairs associated with those units.
  • We are going to disinfect carpets in the classrooms, common areas, and hallways.
  • We are going to maintain and disinfect all common area bathrooms on campus.
  • Continue to stock and maintain all hand sanitizer stations located at the entrances to all MICA Buildings. 

 To assist Building Services with this service, please have all classroom tables cleared of any paper or work, common areas cleared of any papers, personal items or personal electronics. 

 At this time we are not planning on disinfecting any office spaces or electronics. Those will be the responsibility of the user in those spaces. 

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Facilities Management