March 1 Campus Memo

Information regarding adjustments to MICA’s COVID-19 policies.

Dear MICA Community,

This memo provides important updates on the College’s ongoing health and safety protocols in light of recent loosening of city and state indoor masking requirements and revised CDC guidance on mask usage.

The following adjustments to MICA’s policies will take effect on Monday, March 7. As public health conditions continue to evolve, MICA will continue to regularly assess and communicate any adjustments to policies and protocols.

Indoors masking is an important cornerstone of MICA’s ongoing pandemic management and will continue to be required in most settings. Given the safety of the current phase of the pandemic, combined with our community’s high vaccination/booster rate, a mindful and optional change to our indoors masking requirement will allow for single speakers to unmask in presentation settings.  

Mask-optional single-speaker presentation in classroom and non-classroom settings. A single designated speaker may elect to unmask and address a masked group in a curricular or non-curricular context.  The unmasked speaker should be physically distanced from the audience. The decision to unmask is entirely optional and should consider any sensitivities within the group. The College promotes high quality education and learning contexts, and suggests that faculty, staff, and students consider adopting this “single speaker unmasked” principle in contexts where communication and understanding may be increased.

Designated indoor dining locations will be expanded across campus. Beginning March 7, the following designated eating areas will be added to the OM4 Eating and Drinking Guidelines. Please note: Maintaining a distance of four feet while eating and drinking in all designated spaces recommended.

  • Java Corner (2nd floor Bunting) - seating will be available for eating and drinking.
  • Bunting 1st floor - tables by the elevator will be available for eating and drinking.
  • Departmental Kitchenettes - will be available for eating and drinking by the appropriate departmental and program members.
  • Cafe Nancy - will be available for indoor dining for MICA community members only.  Outdoor dining remains available for the general public.
  • Mount Royal Station - the conference room (S119) in the Station building will be available for eating and drinking.
  • Shared Office Spaces - may be used for dining only if there is unanimous agreement among all office occupants.

In addition to the expanded designated eating and drinking areas, the following modifications to eating and drinking policies are effective immediately.

  • Meyerhoff Dining Room and Glace Grill – seating density increased.
  • Food and Drink Permitted for MICA community Campus Gatherings of up to 30 – Campus events may now include unmasking for eating and drinking of up to 30 community members. Please Note: Organized events must continue to receive prior approval from the Office of Events.

Thank you again for your continued engagement and commitment to the well-being of the MICA community.


The Office of Strategic Communications