General Financial Aid FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for students receiving financial aid.

Our counselors are available to answer questions via Zoom video conferences. Go here for more information.

Q:  Will my financial aid change if I choose Pass/Fail grading?

Your financial aid will not be impacted if you choose Pass/Fail. Normal successful completion of your courses as with letter grades (A-F) are still applicable. You can opt to receive a letter grade (A-F) and (P/F) as a mix in different courses. Please consult with your Faculty member or Enrollment Services office.

 Q:  If I need to submit a form to the Financial Aid Office, what is the best way to do that?

Email your form to or email your Financial Aid Counselor directly. We are currently exploring a more student friendly option.

 Q:  Will my financial aid change as a result of switching to remote instruction?

No. Your financial aid will not be impacted due to this change in instruction. All grants, scholarships, and other forms of student aid remain intact.

Q:  What if I need assistance for medical expenses, relocation, rent, food, or other needs?

You are encouraged to submit a request through MICA’s Angel Fund for consideration per the email from Student Affairs. 

Q:  What if my family’s circumstances have changed?

If you or your family have experienced recent job loss or other unexpected circumstances and you have already completed the FAFSA, please contact your Financial Aid Counselor directly for a special circumstances appeal form. The special circumstances appeal allows MICA to assess your financial aid and make any adjustments to your financial aid package given your current situation. Supporting documentation is required and a FAFSA must be filed. Adjustments (if any) are made on a case- by-case basis. 

Q:  What if I never filed a FAFSA, but now I need to?

Students in need of federal financial aid must complete the FAFSA  for both 19-20 (current school year) and 20-21 (new school year). Questions regarding the FAFSA process can be addressed by your Financial Aid Counselor.

Q:  Am I still accruing interest on my federal student loans?

There are many helpful FAQs on the federal student aid website. As information continues to evolve, please check for updates. Currently, all loans owned by the Education Department (ED) will have interest waived beginning March 13, 2020 through Sept. 30, 2020.  If you have questions regarding repaying or emergency forbearance, please visit the federal student aid website for all of the details.

Q:  Can I schedule a Virtual appointment with the Financial Aid Office?

Yes. Financial Aid Counselors are available for Zoom meetings. 

Q:   How does COVID-19 impact students on payment plans?

Contact Students Accounts Office ( for information. 

Q:  Will my VA benefits continue?

Benefits will continue for the spring semester. If you have any questions, please email the VA Certifying Official at

Q:  What if I am on SAP or Academic probation and do not pass all or some classes?

Please contact your Financial Aid Counselor for SAP questions. Email for Academic probation questions. 

Q:  Can you offer any tips to stay on top of my finances during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes. We encourage you to visit our Financial Literacy tool at 

Q:  When and how will Student Loan Exit Interviews be conducted?

We are currently exploring a number of options to make exit interviews as seamless as possible but yet informative and effective. Our plan is to begin offering exit counseling from April 20 – May 20, 2020. We want you to “Keep on Learning” while we give ample time for completion. All students requiring exit interviews will receive email notification from The Financial Aid Office when options are finalized. This requirement is only applicable to students who have borrowed Federal Loans.

Got Questions or Concerns?  Want to set up a Zoom Video Conference with your Financial Aid Counselor? We are here to help! 

Financial Aid Counselor Contact Information

Last Names Starting With A-Z, All Graduate/MPS Students: Christine Lindquist


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Last Names Starting With E-K: Ina Nallbani


Financial Aid

Last Names Starting With H-Q, All Transfer Students: Heather Steall


Financial Aid

Last Names Starting With R-Z: George Tyree


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