Commencement, Art Walk & Class of 2020 Support

This FAQ outlines plans for MICA's 2020 virtual Commencement and online exhibition.

Updated: July 14

Q: What happened with Spring 2020 Commencement?

Deeply aware of their importance to the Class of 2020, MICA did its best to not allow COVID-19 to take away the celebration of our Class of 2020. 

On June 26, MICA held its Commencement ceremony, and launched an online exhibition showcasing graduating students’ work. These incredible pieces can be viewed at

Additionally, the College held an All MICA Year End virtual gathering that evening. The event included a Light Festival with new work by light designer Jay Gould, faculty member in the College’s Photography Department, as well as a virtual dance party with music from Baltimore-area DJs organized by Justin Stafford/J Stash, an admissions counselor at MICA and participant in the musical portion of the gathering.

Q: The College is extending the Adobe CC subscription extension for another year for seniors. Is this applicable to all students or just current seniors? 

The College has agreed to provide the Class of 2020 with an additional year of the Adobe Creative Suite license beyond graduation. This is not necessary for other students because they have access to Adobe CC during every year they are at MICA.

Q: Has MICA considered giving students whose on-campus experience in spring 2020 was cut short access to fabrication studios after graduation to make up for missed time with those resources? 

At this point in time, MICA continues to assess how the COVID-19 pandemic will impact fall 2020. One of MICA’s R5 reopening planning work groups is specifically focused on celebrating and supporting the Class of 2020. Several members of the Class of 2020 are part of this group, and the group has begun its work of identifying further ways the College can continue to support its newest alumni. More information will go out to the members of the Class of 2020 shortly.

Q: How will MICA help the seniors get jobs? We were told MICA had a high after-graduation employment ratio. 

MICA has a fantastic Career Development Office and we encourage all graduating seniors and graduate students to make an appointment with the staff if they have any questions or need guidance. The Career Development Office is a resource not only current students, but for alumni as well.