What is a typical working day for residents?

A working day is as long or as short as a resident desires, but the famous Breton light extends beyond 10 pm during the spring and summer, and most artists are eager to make the most of it.

Is studio space available?

Large shared studio space is available.

What living space is available?

Residents will be housed in a large shared maison in the village of Léhon. 

Where do residents shop and bank?

The amenities available in Léhon include a restaurant, café, bakery, and a heated public outdoor swimming pool. The city of Dinan, within walking distance, has large supermarkets, bakeries, many restaurants, hotels, hardware stores, and other businesses, including a large outdoor weekly market. ‚Ä®ATMs are readily available. Some US banks and US credit card companies tack on a foreign service fee; others do not.

What about internet/telephone access?

Free wireless Internet access is provided in resident housing. Residents are responsible for their own telephone needs.

How can art supplies be obtained/transported?

Residents should bring or ship the supplies they will need. Successful applicants will receive information about the best shipping methods. A limited variety of supplies can be purchased locally; a much larger selection is available near Rennes. 

What is the best way to travel from Paris?

High-speed trains run from Paris to Rennes. Inexpensive local buses and trains run from Rennes to Dinan. The directors will pick up residents in Dinan. Léhon is at least four hours by car from Paris.  

Do residents need to lease a car?

Residents do not need a car; however, France has an excellent car lease plan for tourists visiting Europe for at least 17 days. Leasing arrangements under this plan must be made from the United States; the residency directors will provide detailed information to successful applicants. Leased cars can be picked up at many locations in France, including Charles de Gaulle airport.