Shape determines the character of a garment. In my work, I use different black fabrics to construct garments with large volume. The shape and overall style of these garments are enhanced by the differences in these fabrics. My inspiration for creating this collection comes from the theory of yin and yang. Everything has an opposite, and it is because of the opposite that it has the thing itself. Black is white, and white is black. Things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme. From this idea I create work. In the process of creation, I experience and use many black fabrics made of different materials, and I feel and understand the similarities and differences of each black fabric. When I use black in my work, it does not exist as a color, but as a concrete thing.



Zhirong Kang was born in Shanxi, China and grew up in Taiyuan and Beijing.  She is a current Fiber Senior with a concentration in Experimental Fashion. Her structural black clothing relates to the yin and yang of Chinese culture.



Photography by Torrance Hall