Kalakari (Ka-Laah-Kaa-Ree) means artistry in Hindi, and is a collection designed for all women of color. Fusing the two cultures of India and America, Kalakari balances traditional textiles from North India with nylon spandex and repurposed denim fabric. An unconventional garment showing traces of western street-wear combined with vivid color becomes the sole purpose of the collection. Kalakari celebrates modernity and diversity while honoring women and femmes of color who embrace their cultural identities.



Sukalp Bhatija (Soo-Kh-uLp Ba-tee-Jah) was born in New Delhi, India and raised there until the age of 11. Her family relocated to the United States, and has lived in Rockville, Maryland since. She is a Fiber Senior with a Concentration in Experimental Fashion. Sukalp’s art practice balances tradition and modernity, emulating the spirit of the textiles from her Hindu culture.


Photography by Gianna Cheok Tong Chun