I make art as a means to understand religion and spirituality through a lens of blackness, which is rooted in Haitian culture. My artwork depicts my personal experiences of familial connections to Christianity and the influences it has on my family’s life. I physically alter fabrics through digital printing, dye work, screen printing and quilting. Making and performing with these materials helps me reference my family's involvements in the Haitian community of Miami, Florida, while understanding their past decisions that affect me to this day. I also use imagery of family members to symbolize ideas of faith in religion and the afterlife. To work through these concepts I use found fabrics from dress wear, curtains, and tablecloths to directly point to domestic and religious spaces that are often used to spiritually protect the youth.                  



Mark Fleuridor was born and raised in Miami, Florida, and is a Painting Senior. Fleuridor explores his own personal history within his Haitian background and familial religious experiences through the mediums of painting, quilting, and collage.


Photography by Asha Holmes