Professional wrestling is all about pageantry, and I love how important it is to suspend disbelief in order to enjoy it. To show my love I created Interstellar Pro Wrestling, a line of gear for professional wrestlers. The line includes both gear to be worn in the ring, and extravagant entrance gear. I like my work to perform a function, so it’s important to me that I include the ease of movement and padding that real professional wrestlers have. Because of this, the word “gear” describes my pieces better than “costumes”. Professional wrestling requires the audience to suspend their own disbelief and participate by vocally responding. Spectators take sides, cheering or booing for the heroes and villains. The garments, props, and audience come together, building their own world. Who will win? Who will lose? Who will look the most fabulous? Find out tonight at Interstellar Pro Wrestling!


Macy Peterman is a Fiber Senior with a Concentration in Experimental Fashion. Her work focuses on craft, function, sport, and showmanship. Macy is inspired by kitch, extravagance, and tongue-in-cheek humor. She watches way too much wrestling and is continuing her business making custom wrestling gear, other garments, and alternative accessories after graduation.


Photography by Becca Gohn