The One of the Ones is about fame as a feeling, and the space between being seen and being understood. A spotlight is passed back and forth as a baton between performers, either framing them in a moment of temporary celebrity or cropping them entirely out of space. In a dark room, it’s easy to suspend your disbelief and believe for a moment that what’s inside the spot is all that exists, even if it is just a small illuminated hand or a head. Having the power to do so gives light its own sense of character. In this piece, garments have a similar function, designed to frame and exaggerate specific parts of the body, drawing and deflecting attention. With oversized ribbon bows and combo collar-bonnets, the garments not only assert themselves physically in space, but are skewed representations of stock female characters of American pop culture.



Elinore MacInnes was raised in suburban upstate New York and is a Fiber Senior. Her performance, sculpture, video, and garment work examine humor and longing.


Photography by Mac Kaufman